Sunday, September 25, 2022

You Can’t Be Everything To Anyone

Temmy: I was hurrying to do my laundry one Saturday, so I could attend to the “small madam” in our home. I was almost through, then she increased her cry. I try to speed up what I was doing. When I finished. I went to address her matter (she wanted food as usual).

In my heart, I was not happy she cried this way, I wish I was there on time. While ruminating on this, I hear in my spirit, “I can’t be there for her always but HE can be there for her always.” Which I did by praying “She’s yours Lord” “TiOluwani” that’s her name though.


Pardon me to divert, this applies in marriages also, you can be at your best for your spouse but you can’t be All for him/her. I can’t forget during counseling we were told “you are not Elsadai else you shall die”😄 it’s kind of funny but I held on to it. Alot of us go into marriage with too many expectations from our spouses. They are human, and are trying their best. We’ve got to learn to trust God more in helping us meet the needs of our spouses as we cannot do it on our own.

May God help us.

Your friend
© Kemi Arowolo

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