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Neymar is in court, why? Brazilian player for PSG and Barcelona starts legal proceedings for offenses from 2013

Neymar was in court in Barcelona on Monday, only hours after scoring the game-winning goal as Paris Saint-Germain defeated Olympique de Marseille 1-0 in the Le Classique of Ligue 1 on Sunday. The Brazilian international made his appearance in Barcelona along with eight other people to answer charges of fraud and corruption that go back to 2013, when he transferred from Santos to the Catalan giants. According to Reuters, Neymar arrived from Paris in the early hours following his exploits in the Parc des Princes and spent a few hours in the courtroom before being dismissed for the rest of the day.

Recapitulating the circumstance and outlining the basis for the 30-year-investigation old’s

Neymar is in court, why?
When he played for Santos, the Brazilian investment company DIS controlled 40% of Neymar’s rights. His relocation from Brazil to Barcelona, according to DIS, was undervalued and improperly priced. Neymar, his parents, former Barça presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, as well as executives of both clubs and Santos president Odilio Rodrigues, are all named defendants in the lawsuit brought against him by DIS. All nine, according to Reuters, claim they did nothing wrong.

Can Neymar be disciplined?
Last Thursday, the complainant DIS stated that Neymar should serve a five-year prison sentence. When Neymar arrived at Camp Nou in 2013, the Spanish government’s proposed sentences included a two-year prison term for the player, a $9.8 million fine, and a five-year term for Rosell, president of Barça. When the preliminary inquiry revealed that Neymar’s father had really allegedly collected a sizeable sum in addition to the officially disclosed transfer cost, Rosell resigned from her position.

How much longer can this go on?
Neymar is scheduled to testify this Friday, the same day that his current club PSG travels to face AC Ajaccio in Ligue 1 on the French island of Corsica. As a result, the case will at least last past this week. It is inconceivable to conceive that a decision will be made right away without first allowing for an appeals procedure. Given that this has been a contentious issue since 2014, it is likely that we are talking about months rather than days and weeks.

Will Neymar get arrested?
Although it is still early, the accusations against Neymar and the other defendants are severe. It’s reasonable to assume that DIS will receive compensation, and Neymar will avoid going to jail, but it all relies on how things turn out in the Barcelona court this week and afterwards. Furthermore, rather than Neymar himself, it is said that Neymar’s father gained the most from this arrangement.


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