Monday, September 26, 2022

I Fear A Man Who Fears Nobody

Recently a Father in faith I am learning from checked my status, he doesn’t do that often but anytime he does I go back to check what I posted. At this point my heart beats fast, I still can’t explain. May we never lack Fathers.

I know there are people who go about bragging, there’s no one they can’t face or talk to. They fear nobody. Hmmmmm I shake my head for them.

No man can survive in this kingdom without submitting to another. Even Jesus had to submit to John the Baptist. Do your research and find men who are productive and making impact that have not in one way submitted or still submitting.

One of the most dangerous person to marry are these caliber of persons, they do not acknowledge anyone. No one can call them to caution. No control. Dear singles, don’t only flee from fornication, you should do the same to these men. Run for your lives.

The scripture says though the righteous may fall seven times…..woe to him that has no one to call him/her to order. The end of such person are the ways of death.


Your Friend
© Kemi Arowolo

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