Sunday, September 25, 2022

How Did Marriage Make You Older ?

I noticed after I got married, few of my friends withdrew. I wouldn’t know if it was intentional. When we get to chat, the conversation always ends with “how are you and your husband?”. Then I reply, we are fine. That’s all.

I even get messages like “Hello ma. I had to tell them I don’t like that. Someone I gist with using ma for me. That’s not correct.

That you are married, does it make you older than your pears??? Absolutely No.

A friend had a something to discuss with me, normally she would have called and we will sort things out but she didn’t. I just felt like reaching her, when I did, she was like she did not want to disturb me because I’m married and I have a baby now. I felt so bad that day.

Marriage should not isolate one. It is just a time and chance that happens to us.

There’s so much we can do, irrespective of our status.

Your friend
© Kemi Arowolo

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