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FIFA 2022 World Cup: According to Adidas, Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t score Portugal’s first goal against Uruguay.

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly didn’t touch the ball during Portugal’s opening goal in their 2-0 Group H victory over Uruguay on Monday, according to Adidas. Before FIFA eventually awarded Bruno Fernandes, who had crossed the ball in, the goal, the 37-year-old celebrated as though he had scored the game’s first goal in the 54th minute.

After the game, Ronaldo continued to dispute the goal, and it was thought that the Portuguese soccer federation was gathering proof to support their top scorer’s accusations. Adidas, the company that makes Al Rihla balls, however, used the ball’s 5000Hz IMU sensor to refute that.

Adidas’ statement to ESPN via FIFA said, “In the match between Portugal and Uruguay.” “We are able to unequivocally demonstrate that Cristiano Ronaldo did not touch the ball in any way to score the game’s first goal using the Connected Ball Technology included inside Adidas’ Al Rihla Official Match Ball. The absence of a “heartbeat” in our experiments indicates that no external force on the ball could be recorded. We can perform our research with high accuracy because to the 500Hz IMU sensor inside the ball.”

Adidas’ sensors measure a three-axis angle, angular velocity, and ball acceleration, which, among other things, can help with particular goal speed information for broadcast purposes. On contested offside and VAR calls, like this one, the sensors can also identify whether a player touched the ball.

After the game, Fernandes stated, “I don’t think it really matters who scored the goal at this point. “The main thing is we were able to win the match against a very tough opponent,” said the player, “the impression I had was Cristiano touched the ball, I was putting the ball to him.”

Ronaldo would have tied Eusebio’s record of nine World Cup goals for Portugal if he had been given that goal. His next opportunity to break that record will come on Friday against South Korea, but for the time being it stands and may continue into the knockout round.


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