Saturday, October 1, 2022

Esteban Ocon has indicated he would be happy if Fernando Alonso stays at Alpine

Right now, the Renault-possessed group is purportedly throwing up between the 40-year-old Spaniard and ruling Formula 2 hero and freshman Oscar Piastri for 2023.

There are additionally indications of conflicts among Alonso and Alpine group the board, as video arises of the double cross title holder over and again hammering his directing wheel following an in-race conflict in Montreal.

Taking everything into account, however, he sounds glad to keep the Spaniard in the other carport.

“Being a colleague of Fernando’s is perfect,” he told DAZN.

“At the point when he joined the group, a many individuals let me know it would be undeniably challenging and everything that really aren’t totally obvious.

“I think we make a decent matching and I truly appreciate working with him,” Ocon said.

“Obviously, Fernando doesn’t need to demonstrate anything. If he has any desire to go on in Formula 1, he will remain. He is as yet persuaded and he is the lion that he forever was,” the 25-year-old added.

Concerning his very own objectives until the end of 2022, Ocon concedes he is peering toward a platform and “with a success it would be an incredible season”.

“We need to win once more,” he repeated. “Yet, assuming we are reasonable, we are not there. Assuming that we get platform, for us it is like winning.

“In the past they won with Fernando, so it is there. We can make it happen. I trust in this task and to that end I finished paperwork for quite a long time.”

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