Arsene Wenger’s finest talent is shown by Toure

The best quality of former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, according to former defender Kolo Toure, was his ability to instill confidence in everyone.

Wenger, according to the Ivorian, would never hold his players accountable for any errors made on the pitch, and the Frenchman was always encouraging and helpful.

The official Arsenal website cited Toure as stating, “I think Arsene’s greatest skill was knowing exactly how to give everyone confidence.”

“Although he didn’t communicate with you much, he was always encouraging and supportive, and he would never hold you accountable for any errors.

You seldom ever received criticism from him. Actually, I don’t recall ever receiving that at all.

In February 2002, Toure moved from ASEC Mimosa in Ivory Coast to Arsenal.

He was deployed in a variety of positions during his 2002–2023 season after making his debut.

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