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Aaron Rodgers claims the Packers are making too many mental errors and advises reducing playing time for underperforming players.

The Packers offense still appears to be ineffective after seven weeks of the regular season.

The team led by Aaron Rodgers has now lost three straight contests, including a 23-21 loss against the Commanders in Week 7. This has brought their record to 3-4 on the year. In that defeat, the team managed just 232 yards of total offense, failing to convert a third-down try.

For the most of the first half of the 2022 campaign, there has been a recurring motif for this unit. Green Bay has one of the highest punt rates in the NFL, ranks 25th in the NFL on third down (35.4%), and has a mediocre average of yards per play. Additionally, this is the first time in Rodgers’ career that Green Bay has dropped three straight games, and the 18.3 points per game average during that run of seven starts is a career low.

Rodgers said on Tuesday’s “Pat McAfee Show” that there were “so many simply mental blunders and mistakes” during the game. “It’s not the kind of football we’ve been playing for years,” someone said.

Rodgers continued, “Previous editions of the Packers have often accumulated double-digit in-game mistakes that have placed them behind the eight-ball. This bunch has regularly accumulated double-digit in-game errors.” Rodgers said that as a result, he is amenable to head coach Matt LaFleur changing the depth chart and reducing playing time for those who aren’t able to catch up.

Rodgers declared, “It’s clearly not just one play here or there.” 20% of the time, that is. If we have 50 plays and make 10 mistakes in judgment or missed assignments, that represents 20% of the time. That is far too expensive. We have historically looked more like less than 10%, thus our chances of success are really strong. That figure of 20% is simply too high. You’re really being hard on yourself in that particular play of the series. We must therefore correct that.

“I believe that players who commit too many errors should be benched. Must begin reducing some reps. Give the players who aren’t playing a chance, too.

Although Rodgers didn’t single out any particular players in his remarks, those present are probably well aware of the person he is putting in the hot seat.


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