Tyron Woodley lost to Jake Paul at UFC


Woodley, who lost to Paul on points recently, was a late trade for Tommy Wrath after the English warrior pulled out from the session in Florida toward the beginning of December because of injury and disease.

Saturday’s conflict had come up short on genuine diversion heading into the 6th round in any case, ahead on every one of the three scorecards, Paul dropped Woodley with an immense right hand, sending the previous UFC champion face first to the material.

The session was promptly waved off by the ref, and the American YouTube star presently has his sights set on individual UFC stars Diaz and Masvidal, who were in participation.

Talking after the battle, Paul said: “It was an extreme battle. I had blood in my eyes. I had the task finished. I was setting the punch up the entire battle. He didn’t see it coming. Like a logger, wood.

“It must be an amazing snapshot. Check my year out. Four battles, four knockouts.

Paul presently has an expert record of 5-0 and is probably going to get back to the ring in the spring.


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